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Driving Lessons Milton Keynes, Driving School & Lessons Milton Keynes
Driving Lessons Milton Keynes, Driving School & Lessons Milton Keynes

Driving Lessons Milton Keynes Driving lessons milton keynes Driving Lessons Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Milton Keynes

Company vehicle fleet training


Almost a third of all fatal road collisions involve someone whilst driving for work. 


Are your fleet fuel running costs spiralling out of control?

Are your fleet drivers having more accidents than you would expect?

Are your fleet drivers causing unnecessary wear to your vehicles?

 Driving Lessons Mitlon Keynes

If you have answered yes to any of the above, Kathleen can help reduce employee driving accidents and fleet running costs.

Kathleen is a DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer, this is a further qualification to that of teaching learners.

However large or small your fleet of drivers are, it is still important to reduce accident risks and running costs.

Contact Kathleen for a FREE no obligation meeting to discuss your fleet's requirements.

Areas covered; Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Bedfordshire.


 Fleet enquiry contact form

You can reduce:

  • Fuel costs
  • Servicing costs
  • Accident rates
  • Sickness leave because of an accident
  • Loss of licences
  • Licence points fines 
  • Fuel consumption
  • Carbon footprint

Health and Safety

All companies have a duty of care to their employee's to maintain their health and safety at work.  This should include whilst your employee is driving a company vehicle on company time. 

Under the corporate manslaughter and homicide act 2007 prosecutions are brought against the organisation itself and not specific individuals in the event of a serious or fatal collision.

You could have your fleet of drivers assessed by Kathleen, who can re educate them to lower their risk to themselves and others, whilst driving.  Saving on accident claims, repair costs and loss of earnings whilst the vehicle or member of staff is out of action.  


Running Costs

Kathleen can also re assess drivers to drive the vehicle with greater care and attention, to reduce fuel, tyres, brakes, clutches and servicing costs.

Most companies see an average reduction in fleet costs of up to 8%, if the drivers continue to drive how they have been re assessed on a fleet training session with Kathleen.

Use the calculator to work out your annual fuel consumption.

For example


Vehicle covering 50,000 miles per year


Paying pump price of £145.9


Average consumption of 42 miles per gallon


Yearly cost of fuel = £7,895.97


Cost of duty = £3,136.20


Cost of VAT = £1,315.99


Actual cost of fuel = £3,443.78


Reducing fuel costs by 8% = £631.67 a year.


Multiply by the number of vehicles you have = considerable saving.



Licence Check

When was the last time you checked your employees driving licence?  Have they received a conviction or ban from driving and not told you? There are ways of concealing this information from an employer.  Statistics show that 1/187 drivers on our roads are driving whilst having had their licence revoked, been disqualified, expired or driving on the wrong class of licence, ie Manual with only an Automatic entitlement.  This statistic is 5.3 per thousand.  With some intervention from companies, this can be reduced to 3 per thousand.

An additional service Fleet Services by Kathleen can offer is, to have company drivers licence numbers checked by DVLA to check the status of an employees licence.  If the driver is an owner driver, this can include; insurance, tax and MOT.  This additional service will incur an additional fee.

Road Deaths

Another important safety issue for utilities firms is that of driver safety. With an estimated up to 200 road deaths and serious injuries a week resulting from crashes involving at work drivers, and more employees killed and seriously injured on Britain’s roads while driving on behalf of their employer than in any other work-related activity, there are numerous financial, legal and moral reasons for taking a proactive approach to this issue.

* Information supplied by WWW.Brake.org.uk

How the training is delivered?

To view the driver assessment form, click below.

Download the Driver assessment form



The training is delivered with a one to one assessment by Kathleen or one of her Fleet Registered Team.  Each driver spends an hour assessment in car.

Firstly going through the vehicle and their health including eye sight, to make sure they are safe to be driving and the vehicle is roadworthy.

Secondly is the assessment in car. The driver will drive their natural drive and Kathleen observes.  It is important that the driver drives their natural drive to make a correct assessment of their driving.  Kathleen, marks areas of concern on the 'Driver Assessment Sheet'.  Then the driver and Kathleen will discuss these area's of concern and spend the rest of the session on the road, working to correct the most dangerous or serious issues.

The 'Driver Assessment Sheets' are then typed up and given to the Fleet Manager/Owner so they can view the drivers area's of concern and that they have worked to change these. 

Each driver is then advised as to when they should have a further assessment.  If the driver is seriously dangerous, Kathleen would suggest re visiting in three months time.  If the driver is a low risk, then yearly is a good time to revisit.

If the company has a certain issue, ie burning fuel, tyres, brakes or having accidents involving driving into the rear or another.  A class room training can be given to more than one employee followed by an individual assessment.  Although this is usually very impractical for a company trying to run their business and all their workers being out for several hours.





If you prefer the delegates to have an interactive presentation, then this can be offered up to twelve delegates in one day.  With an interactive presentation to all delegates, with group discussions and tackling the companies main concerns, either; attitudes, speed, accidents or eco driving.  Then it is followed by each delegate receiving a one to one drive as above per Option One.




If you wish to reward your staff as well as teaching them a new skill, then why not combine Fleet Training with a 4x4 Driving Experience.  The Fleet Training Services can be presented at Experience the Country, which can be followed by 4x4 Driving. 



What happens when Kathleen has finished training?

It is all too easy for drivers to sit and listen to Kathleen and then revert back to their old ways of driving once she has left.  It is then upto the Fleet Manager/Owner to manage this.  This can be managed by a league table of drivers and the reduction in fuel they have saved or the number of days since their last accident.  

This can be supplied with a GPRS tracker box placed (no fixing) into the car to check the performance of the driver.  I can loan this to you (for a deposit payable) to see the improvements, before risking purchasing yourself first.

Driving Lessons Milton Keynes

Do not become a statistic. 

Have your fleet of drivers assessed by Kathleen and reduce the risk to the driver and to your company. 

With ‘The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007’ firmly in place, the fleet manager is just as responsible for the vehicles on the road as the driver.

An incident that happened in 1999. 
A driver hit a broken down vehicle on the A12, killing the owner of the broken down vehicle.  The driver had been driving for 20 hours, without much quality sleep breaks.  The driver was sent to prison for four years for causing death by dangerous driving, but also the fleet manager was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter, as he failed to prevent the employee driving excessive hours.
* Information supplied by http://www.brake.org.uk/

Driving Lessons Milton Keynes 

Do not let this be you. 
Be responsible and have your company drivers assessed. 

It is not just tiredness that can kill, it is lack of training. 
Just because the employee has a licence, can you be sure they are driving with due care and attention? 
Does the employee have a licence?
When was the last time you checked?

The employee is representing your company whilst driving on company time and in your vehicle.  Don't let the publicity of a road death be the only publicity your company receives.

Do something good and gain publicity for the right reasons.

Usually drivers spend an hour and half each with Kathleen, but this can be longer or less if you so choose.  Some companies like a group interactive presentation followed by an individual assessment.  

Whichever is your major issue within your fleet, Kathleen can help to reduce this.

Kathleen, is not going to teach experienced drivers how to drive, they can already do this.  Kathleen will re educate them on the risks of the road and how to avoid unnecessary accidents.

If you are interested, either give Kathleen a call on 0800 24 25 26 9 or complete the contact form below.

 Fleet enquiry contact form

The Fuel Card Company have researched to confirm that Driver Training can save thousands in fuel costs.

Read it here



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