Driving Lessons Milton Keynes, Driving School & Lessons Milton Keynes
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Driving Lessons Milton Keynes, Driving School & Lessons Milton Keynes
Driving Lessons Milton Keynes, Driving School & Lessons Milton Keynes

Driving Lessons Milton Keynes Driving lessons milton keynes Driving Lessons Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Milton Keynes

About Us

I am a patient Female instructor who has been teaching in Milton Keynes and Bletchley since 2000.

Fully qualified and registered with the D.V.S.A to give car instruction.

Grade A (highest grade of Driving Instructor).

I now train instructors and most of the instructors that work for me I have trained myself, passing on my knowledge and expertise.

I am fully committed to teaching new and experienced drivers ‘Safe driving for life.’

Learning to drive can be a very daunting experience and you need to learn with the right instructor that suits you.

You will learn more if you enjoy your lessons and have a rapport with the instructor. If you are not happy with your Instructor, then it is time for a change.

I have many qualifications, not just an ADI, some of them are listed below;


•Qualified ADI since 2000.
•Grade A ADI (33% of ADI's are grade A).
•ORDIT (Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) to train others to be driving instructors.
•DSA Fleet Registered Training, offering risk assessments to company car drivers.
Delivers Driver Awareness courses on behalf of Thames Valley Police, Cambridgeshire Police and Bedfordshire Police.
•Currently working towards a degree in Psychology with the Open University.
•Holds a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
•Teaching Under 17's; 14-16 year olds skills and safety in car on private land.
•PTTTLS NVQ level 4 (preparing to teach in the life long learning sector).
•City in guilds level 3 in 'Delivering learning to Adults'.
•NVQ level 3 in Driving Instruction.
•City and Guilds Level 3 - delivering learning to adults.
•Coaching in Driving Instruction.
•Road Craft - Police Drivers Course.
•B Tec Work Skills.
•Teaching in a Vauxhall Corsa.
•First Aid qualified.
•Understanding Concentration Course.
•Fully committed to the DSA CPD (continued professional development), attending training courses.
•Kathleen has appeared in 'Britains Worst Driver' as an expert giving help to those WORST drivers on the show.
•Kathleen has also appeared on 'Car Booty', where a family were having a car boot to raise funds for their sons driving lessons.
•Several local Radio Shows talking about driving topics in the news.
•Volunteering in local schools, assisting students with work life skills.
•Volunteering for Young Enterprise in secondary schools.
•You can also see my listing on top grade instructor website here.

Driving Lessons Milton Keynes 

A pupil has to want to learn in order for the learning to learn effectively. Being forced to learn will only make the process more painful and prolong the length of time it takes to be ready to sit a practical test.

You may hear many stories from people saying ‘I only had ten lessons and then passed my test.’ This may have been the case years ago when there was less traffic on the roads.

The government is working to reduce road deaths and by having a more competent driver sit and pass their practical test, will go a long way towards reducing deaths. One in five newly qualified drivers are involved in an accident in their first year of driving. So the more situations you come across within your driving lessons the safer your driving career will be.

The Driving Standards Agency recommends that a new learner has at least 45 hours training before being ready to sit a practical test. As we get older, all learning becomes more difficult, so as a guide, you may need two lessons for every year your age.

If you are 30 years old, you may need around 60 lessons. As I say this is only a guide.

I not only teach learner drivers, but I also teach experienced drivers new skills.

* Some people are nervous about driving on Motorways and I can provide lessons to assist you to get driving on the motorway more competently.
* I can provide general refresher lessons, some people have had a licence for years, but have not driven for some time and need some brushing up.
* Some, sadly may have been involved in an accident and have lost their confidence.
* Also parking can cause problems for some who have not had much practice at it, I can teach you to park more effectively.
* I am Pass Plus also registered and can provide lessons to complete the required module in order to obtain a pass plus certificate. A completed Pass Plus certificate enables you in to receive discount from some insurance companies.
* I am also a ORDIT registered trainer to train others to be Approved Driving Instructors, information on this can be found on 'Instructor Training' page.
* I am also Fleet trained, meaning I can assess fleets of company car drivers and their risks. Reducing accident risks and also the company fleet running costs, by changing driver attitude. More details can be found on the 'Fleet Training' page.
Contact Details

Email Address: info@kathleensom.co.uk

Telephone: 0800 24 25 26 9

Alternatively you can write to us at the following address:

4 Earls Close

Milton Keynes


Local Team of Driving Instructors in the following areas by postcodes.


(Manual post-codes covered)

MK1 - MK16 Milton Keynes    MK17 - MK18 - Buckingham and surrounding villages 

MK19 - Deanshanger and surrounding villages 


NN1 - NN7 Northampton  NN8 - NN9 Wellingborough  NN14 - NN16 Kettering

NN12 Towcester , Silverstone and surrounding area's. 


 (Automatic post-codes covered)


MK1 - MK16 Milton Keynes  MK17 Surrounding villages  MK18 Buckingham MK19 Deanshanger

NN1 - NN7 Northampton  NN8 - NN9 Wellingborough  NN14 - NN16 Kettering

NN12 Towcester, Silverstone and surrounding area's.






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